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3-year training program
Airline Career Program
Only for US Citizens and US residents with work authorizations
you will save more than $20,000
Full return on investment in 3 years

Would you like to become a professional pilot, but have no experience in aviation?

At our academy, you can safely and efficiently become the professional pilot you've always dreamed of, even if you've never been in the cockpit. All of our successful students started their flying careers with us at SkyEagle Aviation. In addition, all of our students receive their instructor's license

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Airline Career Program with Job Guarantee


Working as a flight instructor, will not only build up your flight time, but will give the opportunity to pay back the funds spent on flight training

After a short three years – you become a professional pilot with a guaranteed interview for employment *

*Job interview is guaranteed with the regional airline upon reaching 1500 hours. Candidate must be successful throughout the entire hiring process to gain employment.

**This program is designed for US Citizens or Green Card holders. For international students we can offer similar program, contact to for more details.

  • Zero to CPL

    Months 1 - 8
    airplane orange
  • CFI / CFII

    Months 8 - 12
  • CFI Employment at SkyEagle Aviation Academy

    From Month 13
  • MEI

    From Month 15
  • Training with partners (HondaJet / King Air) as SIC

    Months 16-24
  • ATP-CTP class

    ATP Written exam
  • ATPL

  • Part 121 Airlines

    From Month 24
  • 0 - 250 hrs

    Professional training program (0-CPL)
    hat pilot
  • 300 hrs

  • Upon reaching 1000 hrs:

    Training on HondaJet or KingAir with charter company partner
  • Upon reaching 1200 hrs:

    ATP-CTP class, ATP written exam
  • Upon reaching 1500 hrs:

    ATP license
  • Upon reaching 250 hrs ME:

    Employment as first officer on HondaJet / KingAir / Citation


We understand that learning to fly can be a significant investment in both time and money. Therefore, applying for finance is an important component to consider when planning to enroll in flight training programs. Learn More about Financing Programs.

All graduates of the program are guaranteed interviews for employment with the Air Carrier

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1 year

-$59,810 For the first year, the student will begin the Professional Pilot Program with a cost of — $52,460

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2 year

+$35,000 On year two, the student will receive the CFI / CFII / MEI Instructor's Certificates to begin working as a professional flight instructor, as well as receiving — at least $35,000

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3 year

+$65,000 On the third year, the student will transition to becoming a career professional pilot, with the starting salary of $65,000 per year

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$40,000 100% Return on Investment in only Two Years!

Detailed Brochure

SkyEagle's Airline Career Pilot Program is opened for opportunities to grow in aviation industry. Our brochure, rich with statistics and insights, navigates through the dynamics of an evolving aviation landscape, presenting Boeing and Airbus forecasts a doubling of the fleet by 2042. The program also paves a path for pilots to advance as Certified Flight Instructors (CFI), Certified Flight Instrument Instructors (CFII), and Multi-Engine Instructors (MEI), fostering a future experience within the field.

Benefits of the program for our students:

  • ATP-CTP Program is FREE. Included in all tuition fees
  • The price of the program includes all study materials (exams, textbooks, extra fees) *
  • Free iPad Mini and Bose A20 headphones given to students *
  • We offer a step-by-step payment plan as there are no minimum requirements
  • The Beast training locations and proffesional instructors
  • During the ATP-CTP course, we send the student's resume and recommendations to our partnering air carriers
  • *iPad Mini and Bose Headphones are given to students who pre-pay for the entire course prior to the start of their program. As well as coverage of materials, exams, textbooks and other fees.

Free Bonus

Bose A30 Aviation Headset with Bluetooth

The latest professional pilot headsets

iPad mini

The best Electronic Flight Bag

Free subscription for a year on ForeFlight

"Performance plus" package

Still Have Questions?

The information below will assist you in receiving quick answers to most of your questions regarding our Professional Corporate Pilot Career.

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Ready to join us and take a step toward a future career as a professional pilot?

Or do you still have questions, the answers to which you haven’t found in the FAQ?

Please fill out the form and we will contact you to discuss your personal needs and requirements

Success Stories

Would you like to become a commercial pilot but do not have any experience in aviation? Whether you want to fly for the airlines, charter, or cargo, this Professional Pilot program is designed for you! At our academy, you can safely and efficiently become the commercial pilot you have always dreamed of, even though you have never set foot inside a cockpit of an airplane. All of our successful students began their flight training careers with us here at SkyEagle Aviation.

Photo presentation of cadets
Yegor Ratunda
01 June 2022

Yegor start his training from "zero" at SkyEagle Aviation Academy in January of 2019. In 2020 he was an instructor at SkyEagle Aviation Academy, and first officer at FlyDreams Charter airline. He continued his career at Volato as HondaJet captain and Charter Airlines as a Citation X SIC. Now he is first officer in AtlasAir flying Boeing 747F. This is the fastest career in aviation you can only imagine and we proud to have Yegor our graduate.

Employment in “Atlas Air” (Boeing 747)
Photo presentation of cadets
Dylan Forbes
15 July 2022

Dylan joined SkyEagle Aviation Academy in May 2020. He completed "Professional program" in 9 month and start work as an instructor at SkyEagle Aviation Academy. During 2021 - 2022 he also flew as a first officer and Captain on LearJet 60 with Charter Airlines and private owners. Today Dylan is flying Boeing 777 freight at AtlasAir.

Employment in “Atlas Air” (Boeing 777)
Photo presentation of cadets
Luke Poulos
1 September 2021

Luke starts his training when he was 16 years old. He completed PPL, IR, CPL and Flight instructor courses with us. At the age of 18th he starts work as an instructor at SkyEagle Aviation Academy. Now he is flying at Envoy airline on EMB 175.

Employment in “Envoy”
Photo presentation of cadets
Sergey Pascan
15 November 2022

Sergey join our school in the end of 2020, finishing CFI / CFII course in 2021. Today, in January 2023 he joined SkyWest flying E175.

Employment in “SouthWest”
Photo presentation of cadets
Alexander Cendic
11 November 2018

Started flying on summer 2018, got PPL, IRA, CPL at SkyEagle Aviation Academy, as well as CFI on April 2020. He started working as an instructor in SkyEagle. Finally Alex got a Job at PSA on March 2022 and flying for them since then.

Started flying on summer 2018, got PPL, IRA, CPL at SkyEagle Aviation Academy, as well as CFI on April 2020. He started working as an instructor in SkyEagle. Finally Alex got a Job at PSA on March 2022 and flying for them since then.
Do you provide housing?
Yes, we have student's house available on "first come, first serve" base. We also have a partnership with Holiday Inn across the street and Extended Stay in America for accommodation of our students with discounted rate.
Are my payments refundable?
Payments are nonrefundable, as when the first installment is made, the student is officially enrolled and must be committed to their studies.
Are exam fees included in this course?
All written and practical exam fees (check rides) are included with full course pre-payment. If you choose to pay "as you go" or in installments, all checkride and written exam fees will be your responsibility.
Once I graduate from the program, will I be able to work as a certified flight instructor?
You will be guaranteed an interview.  However, you must successfully pass the interviewing process, as well as demonstrate your outstanding performance for both personal achievement and skills during the course of your training program.
How much will the supplies cost me?
The average price of all supplies cost around $600 plus headsets (which is the biggest investment). Therefore, all books and supplies, including headsets and an iPad Mini are included if you pre-pay for the entire course prior to the start of their program.
What supplies will I need for my program?
On day one, you flight instructor will lead you over to the pilot shop and advise which books and supplies you will need.
Do you require your students to wear a pilot’s uniform?
No, as we want our students to be dressed as comfortable as possible while conducting their program.
When do classes start?
We train on a 1-1 basis, so you may begin your training program whenever you wish.
Do you offer financing?
We can refer you to aviation financial institutions with whom we have affiliations. Our primary partner for financing the Airline Pilot Program is Stratus Financial. We recommend applying to Stratus Financial first and awaiting their decision. You may also consider visiting your local bank. Regrettably, this option is only available to US Citizens and Residents.
How can I pay for my flight training?
You will need make four separate installments of $19,975.00 which will total $79,900.00.  The first installment will be due prior to your start date.  We take cash, check, credit cards (2% fee applies), wire transfer, Zelle, and PayPal. You can also make a full pre-payment: iPad Mini and Bose Headphones are given to students who pre-pay for the entire course prior to the start of their program.
Do you accept International Students?

This program is designed for US citizens and Green card holders, because employment in the US required work authorization. Only green card holders and US citizens are authorized to work as an Instructors or Pilots in American companies. Therefore we have similar program for International students, you can request more details by email:

Frequently Asked

SkyEagle Aviation Academy, which is a SEVIS Approved Part 141 institution, offers the highest standards of airmanship training available, in accordance with approved programs and FAA certification. Our school specializes in professional training programs for future pilots beginning from the very first steps in their career up to the moment they receive their commercial pilot certificate.